Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Family History Through the Alphabet - "K"

This week we are up to the letter "K", as we work our way through the alphabet.

This was a no-brainer! When I hear the letter "K" I automatically think of my sister, "Eydie Kaye".

My beautiful sister is 22-months younger than I am, so growing up we were extremely close. And we remain close today.

In 1995 our Mom had a brain aneurysm with subsequent strokes that followed. She has been somewhat of an invalid, physically and mentally, ever since. But Sis didn't hesitate to move Mom and Dad into her home and begin caring for Mom full-time.Yes... full-time, all the while finishing up raising her daughter, and also working full-time outside of the home!

This beautiful lady is a caring and giving person in every sense of the word. She loves fiercely, so don't mess with her family! And she's there, every single time I need her.

Can you tell... my Sis is my hero? And I love her dearly.

The t-shirt is so true....

Chance made us Sisters.....

                                                          Hearts Made Us Friends!

Love ya Sis!

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