Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sentimental Sunday - Irene Was Once A Baby, Too!

For some reason, we never seem to think of our grandparents as babies! But here it is, the proof that Granny Dreher was not simply born as Granny. But was, actually, once a baby too!

This portrait is actually a very clear one, but it is extremely fragile and cannot be removed for copying or photographing, and so I had to photograph it through the glass front frame. Without a tripod with me, it became somewhate blurred, but that's okay. It is clearly visible!

Irene Caroline Banet was born on 24 May 1906 in Floyd County, Indiana to Francis Isidore Banet ["Frank"] and Adeline Josephine Eve Banet ["Della]. This portrait was made of her in her christening gown, which occurred at St. Mary's of the Knobs Catholic Church in Floyd County.

Irene married Henry Conrad Dreher [1902 - 1977] on 12 Dec 1923 in Floyd County. They had five children:

Ethel Marie [1924 - 2012]
Arthur Calvin [b. 1926]
Laura Marion [1931 - 2006]
Billy Leon [b. 1936]
Lois Velleda [b. 1938]

Irene was my grandmother.

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