Friday, July 27, 2012

Family Recipe Friday....Aunt Mildred's Fried Pies

My Aunt Mildred makes the best fried pies in the whole wide world! Usually, he fills them with a sweet apple mixture that she has stewed on the stove. I always wanted to be able to make them as good as hers... but when I've asked her for her recipe, she's quite the elusive cook! "Oh, it's a touch of this, and a pinch of that!"

But recently I learned of a delicious fried pie that I could make myself! And my family loves them! While they are still not Aunt Mildred's... I think they are quite passable! And I can proudly take them to family reunions as my own version!

Here's my version of a delicious fried pie!

My Fried Pies
[Inspired by Aunt Mildred!]

1 can jumbo flaky biscuit dough
1- jar Nutella nut spread
1-cup vegetable oil
1/2 cup confectioner's sugar

No, really! That's it!!!

Open your can of biscuit dough....

Make sure you use the flaky biscuit dough, or the fried pie will come out tough!

Separate the biscuits and place one on your dough board.

Using a non-stick rolling pin [or lightly powder the rolling pin with some confectioner's sugar], roll the dough out to a moderate thin disc.

It doesn't have to be perfect! Just a general round shape.

Use aproximately a teaspoon of nutella and..

place it in the lower half of the disc....

spreading it out, but be sure to leave about 1/4-inch around the edges. If you don't leave this space, the nutella will leak out as you fry it!

Now fold the dough over in half. Lightly pinch the edges closed with your fingers, and then...

...use a fork to firmly crimp the edges closed. Be sure to flip the pie over and crump the other side as well!

I use a cast iron skillet for this, as once you get it hot, you can lower the heat tremendously and fry the pies more safely.

Fry them until they are a golden brown on each side. [I admit, I make a mess on the flipping them over part! My stove top is always greased up when I have complete frying the pies!]

Remove them from the heat and place on a paper towel to drain the oil from them. Lightly powder them with confectioner's sugar while still hot.

Cool and eat!

That's it!

Once you feel confident, you can use all kinds of substitutes for the filling.I've even used pineapple preserves! But I love using cherry pie filling, or stewed apples, just like Aunt Mildred's!

While Aunt Mildred makes her dough from scratch, I cheat a little bit. But these are so tasty.... who cares??? Certainly not the folks who get hold of these and eat them up!

Be warned..... these are highly addictive!

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