Thursday, May 24, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday - The Dolls

Since I don't know alot about dolls, how to tell if they are old or not... there's not a lot I can tell you about the origin of these dolls. Except that they were a gift to me, from my favorite collector... my sister.

Porcelain faces, as well as hands, arms, legs and feet, they have cloth bodies. The one on the left wears a size 18-month outfit, while the one on the right
wears a 9-month outfit.
Both look decidedly feminine to me, although the one on the right is dressed in a male costume. I want to switch out the clothing, just to change them up a bit, as they sit in the corner of my bedroom, but don’t know for sure if getting rid of their current clothing would de-value them, as I don’t know if the outfits are original or not. [I did clean the clothing, as both outfits were terribly yellowed! I simply washed them in cool water with Woolite and they came spotless.] But I’m thinking a summer outfit is definitely in order!
They are both treasures to me, because of who gave them to me. My precious sister! I don’t get to see my sister as I’d like, due to her heavy work schedule, as well as the fact that she is the full-time caretaker for both out Mom and our Dad! [She has all the patience in the world! I’d be pulling my hair out!] So, she’s also my hero!!!
But there’s not a minute I don’t think about sneaking away with her, and just being the “Beane girls” one more time! 
Love ya Sis!

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