Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sentimental Sunday - The Old log Barn

[image via here]

When I was a kid, almost every road we walked down in our small community [yes, we walked down them! Even as a teenager, there were few teens with cars of their own! As I recall, only two kids drove to school, and only then because they had after school jobs that were too far away from home to walk home after they got off work in the evening!] there was a log barn.

These are becoming a thing of the past today! When you see one, which is quite rare, they are usually crumbling and falling down from lack of upkeep and care. Newer barns have replaced these, which were often made from logs felled from the very property upon which they were erected.

Some were built with the bark still upon them; some were treated with creosote or tar, to prevent decay; some were milled square – others left round; and the variety and style of architecture of each barn was unique in its own self.

I love barns. And especially these old log ones. To me they represent the hardy individuals who owned the property on which they stand. They represent an era where functionality was more important than aesthetics; where what the Jones’ had was not so important as what an individual owned.

I miss the old log barns. And I’m grateful for those that still remain; a gentle reminder to a time gone by.

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