Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - More From The Bean Cemetery

Today we will conclude our tour of the Bean Family Cemetery, located near Waiteville in Monroe County, West Virginia.

As you will recall from previous posts, the little cemetery is located across the one-lane road and on a hillock from the Bean homestead.

Standing at the cemetery, one has a wondrous view of the old house that William built for his family.

Below is another stone, that appears to be hewn simply from a rock. It sits at one end of a sunken grave, marking an unknown individual.

As you can see, no markings are visible.

An old, wire and metal fence marks the boundaries of the cemetery. Attached to tree trunks and..

...to rotted fence posts.

One can easily determine the outside perimeter, simply by following the old fencing.

One lone grave marker shows a single marking... an old "english-style" letter "C".

You can see the letter better in this photograph. However, no one is known to have been buried here with a name that began with a "C", and we are stumped as to whom this gravemarker was for.

A few short years ago, the family placed this modern marker in a central location memorializing the patriarch and matriarch of our family, William and Rachel [Wiseman] Bean.

The reverse of the stone shows our Clan crest, as obtained through the Clan MacBean.

If there is one individual remaining who knows the most of the history of the family from this area, it is Walter Beane, seen here in 2009, showing cousins the old cemetery.

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