Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Join in Virinia Dare's Birthday Celebration! She's 424 Years Old!

The following is taken from the Searching for the Lost Colony Blog:


You're Invited to Virginia Dare's Birthday Party
August 18th

Once again, we're celebrating the birthday of little Virginia Dare, born on Roanoke Island on August 18th, 1587, the first European child to be born in what is now America. Virginia is 424 years old this year!

Every year, the National Park Service hosts a birthday party and celebration for Virginia at the Fort Raleigh National Historic site. This includes the Park area near the Waterside Theater where the plays are held and the Fort area as well as the Elizabethan Gardens, located nearby but separately. In the past, we've been near the Waterside Theater, but this year, we're in a new location at the Elizabethan Gardens.

Now for the great news - entrance to the Elizabethan Gardens is free that day in celebration of Virginia's birthday.

Dawn Taylor and Baylus Brooks will be representing our group. They will have the list of colonists, info about our projects, and some of the archaeological artifacts found in recent digs on Hatteras Island.

The Faire includes free activities, music, games and fun for all. Actors from the play mingle with the crown, in costume of course, during the day. Be sure to stay for the special play in the evening. Awards are presented to cast members and a real baby Virginia Dare is included in the case, just for this one special evening. This is truely an event to remember.

Baylus and Dawn are looking forward to meeting and greeting people. Hopefully you can be one of them. We welcome any of our members not just as visitors, but as volunteers as well. If you're coming to visit and can spend an hour or two, plan on joining Dawn and Baylus at the table. Just let us know so we're expecting you.

The address for the Elizabethan Gardens is 1411 National Park Drive, Manteo, NC and we'll be there from about 9 to about 3."

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