Friday, July 29, 2011

Family Recipe Friday - Fireplace Roasted Corn

Freplace Roasted Corn

roasting ears of corn, still in the husks
fresh spring water
large pan [must be big enough to hold all ears of corn in and completely submerge into water]
butter to taste
salt to taste


Peel husks back from the roasting ears without removing. Using a dry tea towel, gently brush away all corn silk. Pull husks back in place over the roasting ears.
Place roasting ears in large pan, making sure that the husks are completely covering the corn kernels. Cover with fresh spring water.
Allow ears to soak in the water.
Meanwhile, prepare fireplace [or outdoor charcoal grill]. Build fire to apropriate size. When coals become glowing and beginning to dull, begin to pull ears of corn from water. Shake off excess water and makie sure the corn kernels are still covered with the usks. Gently lay ears in the cooler areas of coals and allow to roast approximately 40 minutes, turning after the first 20.
Remove from coals. Allow to cool approximately 5 minutes. Gently pull back husks.
Season with butter and salt.
[You may need a bib for this welcomed summer treat!]

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