Friday, July 1, 2011

Family Recipe Friday... Grandma's Fried Chicken

Grandma's Fried Chicken

This is a recipe I learned about the age of 5 or 6 from my Grandma Bean.

It has served me well my entire life, and always get raves. It can't be made in a hurry, so figure on a good hour or so to complete this dish. It is a hands on dish and you must be attentive to get the best results!

1-fryer chicken cut to appropriate pieces [I always cut up my own fryer, and never buy one pre-cut]
3/4 cup plain cornmeal [white or yellow is fine]
1-1/2 cup regular plain flour
4 eggs well beaten
salt and pepper to taste
about 3-4 cups of melted shortening, lard or vegetable oil

1. Rinse chicken after cutting it up. Pat dry on paper toweling, or clean dish towel.

2. Set up dredging bowls. Place cornmeal in starter place. Next bowl eggs. And last bowl flour with salt and pepper whisked into it.

3. Place oil in cast iron chicken fryer, or other appropriat deep heavy skillet.  Heat over medium heat until oil is bubnbly when anything added.

4. Dredge chicken first through cornmeal. Shake off excess.

5. Dip chicken into egg, then over into flour. Coat thoroughly. Shake off excess flour and repeat the egg and flour dredge.

6. Place chicken directly into oil in skillet.

7. Place lid on skillet and watch for chicken to turn golden brown on bottom. Turn frequently to allow all sides to get evenly browned.

8. Place cooked chicken onto paper toweling or clean dish towel to allow excess oil to drain properly before serving.

9. This recipe yields approximately 12-14 pieces of golden fried chicken, depending upon method of cutting up carcass before frying.

NOTE: The pan drippings can be used after the chicken is cooked to make the most delicious gravy for putting over the chicken, or for biscuits!

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