Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

I can't remain wordless, I hope you all know that about me by now!

The above photo is taken of Henry C. Dreher, Jr. about 1945.

Henry was born 31 December 1902 and died 17 May 1977. He was a quiet man. He'd studied to become a Lutheran minister at one point. He had a magnificent baritone voice, and often sang to me in German [his grandparents had immigrated to this country, and I understand they always spoke German in their home].

Henry was an accomplished student of literature. Self-taught that is. He spent hours poring over texts and novels. However, his favorite were the Scriptures. I don't believe I have ever known anyone with as strong a grip on the Bible as he had.

Henry stood about 6 foot 4 inches tall. He was a big man. Stocky. Full of muscles that rippled.

He was quick to speak his mind, but in such a manner to not offend a soul.

And he was a gentleman of the highest order.

So, to see my dear grandfather in this photo, acting totally silly, makes me laugh!

By the way, should you hear thunder in the southern Indiana sky tonight, it isn't the weather. Grandpa Henry is probably rolling over in his grave making noise because I had the gall to show such a photo publicly! (Sorry Grandpa! I couldn't resist!)

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