Monday, July 27, 2009

Madness Monday - July 27, 2009

My "Madness Monday" doesn't consist of an ancestor who is driving me "mad" this Monday. But of an upcoming event!

The biennial Bean Family Reunion will be occurring on August 8th this year. I have been planning and working toward this reunion for the past two years!

This week I have been working on business announcements that must be made during the event. As well as preparing for our new committee election [we have a President, Vice-President and Secretary/ Treasurer].

As I have been typing up my notes [I have to use a cheat sheet, or I will surely forget something when making announcements!], I have been constantly interrupted! My telephone has gone on the blink, service has been sporadic, and completely disappearing at times! My scanner function on my all-in-one [printer, fax, scanner, copier] went out, and I had to search for a patch from HP for that. [Couldn't find one, so I ended up making a shortcut on my already crowded desktop to allow me to keep utilizing the scanner!] My doggie, Chica, has had little doggie diarrhea, and I have had to run to the door with her every little bit today! I received a phone call just as I thought I had made a breakthrough, and got side-tracked [but I was so happy to learn my cousin's new baby is going to be alright! The little fellow was just born on July 3rd, and had been very, very sick!] And the list goes on!!!


So, that's my "Madness Monday"! More like "whirlwind"!

And now, I must prepare to take a 2-1/2 hour drive to Lynchburg, VA to the airport there to pick up my sister and brother-in-law who are returning from vacation. They're flying in on a red-eye.

Who said life slows down to a crawl after the kids leave home???

Aw, well, you all know, I wouldn't have it any other way!

Till next time, take care!

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