Friday, July 17, 2009

Bones Lead To Miami Graveyard

When Enid Pinkney was a little girl in the 1940's, her grandmother told her about a cemetery near Miami in the area once called Lemon City.

Pinkney's grandmother was apparently correct. Bones of at least 11 people, and perhaps many, many more, have been unearthed in excavation for building 3-towers for afforadable senior housing.

Pinkney is now a 78-year-old activist and civic historian and is heading an effort to memorialize those persons buried in the old Lemon City Cemetery.

The Charleston Daily Mail has an excellent article covering this news.

The Charleston Daily Mail article ends with this quotation from Pinkney:

"These are the people who helped to make Miami what it is. They laid the foundation for what we have. They were pioneers," said Pinkney. "This is so typical of what happens to black people. It's like you get eliminated, discounted, disrespected and when something like this happens, it's almost like it's your fault that the city doesn't have a map to prove you existed."

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