Sunday, July 26, 2009

Genealogy Networking Tools

There are several genealogy social networking tools available these days for the family researcher/ genealogist. Here are just a few that I utilize.

My all time favorite site for networking with other researchers remains the message boards on Rootsweb and Ancestry. On both of these "sister" sites, I have received numerous tips for my own family research, as well as for that of clients. I love to also look through the archives of these boards. You'll be surprised at just how often a past post will relate to your current search needs!

Of the newest tools available, I have become a fan of Genealogy Wise. Not a huge fan of Twitter and Facebook, I didn't really see how I would relate to this "social" site. But somehow, I became hooked! I joined a few groups, and receive their posts directly to my email. These are groups who have the same interests and areas of research that I have. I find the commraderie, and unique helpfulness of its members to be like nothing I have ever participated in before!

My favorite groups on Genealogy Wise are GeneaBloggers [yep, the folks who give us these great blog ideas!], footnote users, West Virginia Genealogy [where most of my personal research is performed and where I live], and Texas Cemeteries [where I perform most of my husbands research]. The uniqueness of Genealogy Wise also allows us the opportunity to be free to make up our own groups if we choose!

These make up my favorite networking sites. When positively stumped, I return to these sites, and my fellow researchers have always graciously offered their help!

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valenaann68 said...

Great post! I am on Genealogy Wise too and I love it! I have met some great people on Twitter as well.