Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday

I don't know where this tombstone is located. I originally located this stone here. But that particular post had borrowed it from the Chicago Tribune's slideshow of 22 awkward tombstones, shown here.

Margaret Elizabeth Faulk Faverty's birth date is listed here as Oct. 7, 1932 in Ft. Worth, TX. What is extraordinary is that below her date of birth is listed her ancestry! "Daughter of Stone D. Faulk; Grand-Daughter of Everett Faulk, M.D. and Margaret Elizabeth Stone; Great-Grand-Daughter of George Washington Faulk and Delta Elizabeth Guy".

Below this wonderful wealth of information is listed the dates of death for all of these ancestors! And surrounding the edges of the stone are actual portraits of each of these ancestors!

The bottom half of the stone lists Margaret's biographical sketch.

This has to be one of the "wealthiest" stones I have ever seen, in regards to genealogical information! Wow!


dustbunny8 said...

Margret was a genealogist methinks!What a treasure!Very neat to see this,thanks!

Lisa Coley said...

Margaret is my sister .. she would be surprised to see her tombstone in the news. She is not a genealogist, but I have to admit this proves she might as well be!