Monday, July 13, 2009

Madness Monday

I am not being driven "Mad" this Monday morning, nor do I have a "Mad" ancestor to post about.

What I do have to post about this day is something that should make EVERY American "Mad" today. Angry!

We've all heard about the debacle that occurred recently in Illinois where a group of individuals had not only dug up bodies in a cemetery, but removed all valuables from the graves, dismembered corpses, and re-sold the grave plots for burials of others [read about it here], but now we have learned about another farce occurring. This time in Oxford, Alabama.

And it involves my nemesis, WalMart!

Folks, in Oxford, Alabama a group of construction workers are at this very moment digging away an Indian mound that has rested in the same place for about 1500 years. Now, the Indian community states it is a burial mound. As such, it should never be disturbed!

But the good town council of Oxford states the Indian mound was never used for anything but send "smoke signals".

A cemetery of any kind cannot be disturbed without local legal approval. And because the town council has "approved" this mound for removal, the good construction crew has been removing the mound, bit by bit. Until now, there is really very little left of it. [You can read what the AP had to say about this here]

What makes this even more tragic, is the fact that this mound is being removed for none other than building, yep, you got it, yet another Walmart store! A Walmart store!!!

I urge you to take a moment and go take a look at this blog, Deep Fried Kudzu. I want you to see first hand what Walmart has done to this very sacred Indian mound!!!

Now, I want each of you to work with me. Work with each other! Let's begin to blackball Walmart stores!

I am here to tell you, Walmart is the largest owned corporation in the United States. It has moved its way into small towns across America, and has made us feel like we can't get by without them! They are literally holding us hostage with their products!

Friends, you may have to travel a little bit further to purchase what you want. You may have to spend a few pennies more for an item. But if buying from a company such as Walmart means we have to bend to buying from a corporation that manipulates and destroys, is it worth it? Each time we purchase an item from Walmart, we are saying we approve of Walmart's actions.

Don't you remember the law suits against Walmart? Remember the women and children who are exploited in third world countries to make Walmart goods?

It's time we stand up America!

Let's start purchasing from companies who are upright and moral! Let's start purchasing from companies who sell American made! Let's start purchasing from companies who are here not just to make a profit, but who also believe in providing us with a service!

Let me give you an example of MY experiences at Walmart!

In May I was coming out of our local Walmart when I was stopped by a woman asking directions to a Wendy's. As I was giving her directions, a man stole a bag out of my shopping cart! Right in front of the doors to the store!

Two weeks later, as I was putting my groceries into my car, a young boy tried to steal my purse off my shoulder!

Now, I realize that it wasn't Walmart's fault for either of those incidents. And the store personnel were polite and helpful to me in those situations. The problem is that, I've lived here for almost 40-years and never had a problem at any of the other stores like at Walmart!

I have also noted that customers are frenzied when they come into Walmart. They are rude, obnoxious, and will literally run over you with a shopping cart if given a chance. In our other stores, and we live in a small community, there is none of that attitude!

As if that is not enough to make one pause and wonder.... let me tell what happened this past Friday alone.

I was waiting in line to pick up a prescription at Walmart. Just as I came to the head of the line, an elderly woman cut in front me and went to the counter. The clerk totally ignored me, and waited on the other customer. A gentleman in line behind me stated in a loud voice, "I'd be throwing a fit about that if I were you!". I answered in an equally loud voice, "It isn't worth it. If they can live with...." The clerk gave us both a nasty stare.

After procuring my order, I then went on to the electronics department where I wanted to pick up ink cartridges for my printer. Now, in our small community, Walmart just so happened to be the only store that sold the printer I wanted when I purchased this particular model. It is also the only store that sells the particular ink cartridges that are needed for it! Well, don't you know they seem to sell out very quickly on this type of ink cartridge. And Friday was no exception. So, I stepped up to the clerk at the counter in the electronics department and asked when I could expect them to get more in. That clerk stated "I don't know. I don't usually work back here. I'm just running the cash register. I'll see if I can get someone to help you."

After waiting for what seemed a good 10-minutes or so, and wondering if I should just move on, a young man [very young, looked like he was 18 if he was a day!] asked if I was the one wanting help for ink cartridges. I told him my dilemma. "Well, what number of cartridge did you need?" So I told him I needed a black HP901. [The HP901 comes in black or tri-color, the number is the same for both cartridges.]

This pimply-faced, obnoxious little boy then proceeded to inform me that I must think I was real cute because he could see the HP901 was a color cartridge! I said, "Well, if you knew the electronics department, you'd also know that the HP901 also comes in black!"

I have seldom ever lost my temper with a clerk. But I did on Friday. This boy goes on to call me "Stupid" among other things. I ended up saying things a lady shouldn't have said. Much less losing my temper. But I was so upset when I got home, that my husband called Walmart and spoke to the manager regarding the incident. The manager said she couldn't "imagine" such a thing occurring, but she would look into it.

This isn't an isolated incident.

And if you think the Indian mound in Oxford, Alabama is isolated, rest assured it is NOT!

It's time we start paying attention to whom and what we are putting our money into in this country! And believe me, Walmart is not a company I will be investing another single dime into!

This is my opinion. And this is my "Monday Madness".

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