Friday, March 9, 2012

Family Friends Friday - Irene's School Mates

Taken about 1916 or 1917 this is Irene Banet's class mates at school:

Left to Right
Back Row: Clarence Banet, teacher Eugene Swift, Gustave Banet, Irene Banet, Elemore Banet, and Mabel Perkns

Mddle: Eugene Hertzhol, James Perkins, Helen Rice, Amelia Becht, Lorene Banet and Mary Missi

Front: Anthony Becht, Edward Rober, and Margaret Perkins


jeri ann banet johnson said...

Wow that's my papas, Clarence banet! Found your site by accident,what snappy accident! I am searching for old family photos.

Texicanwife said...

Jeri - If you will send me your email addy I have a few Banet photos I can share. Email me at
Cyndi Beane Henry