Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - The Baker's

ZENNA Z.                    CLYDE F.
1900-1971                      1895-1980

Clyde F. BAKER was born 26 Mar 1895 in Monroe County, West Virginia to Isaac Thomas BAKER and his wife Nettie Irene CARPENTER BAKER. He was the eldest of at least 5 children born to the couple.

On 25 Sep 1925 Clyde married Zenna Zane FAUDREE in Centennial, Monroe County, West Virginia. [Centennial was a small community located half-way between present day Sweet Springs and Gap Mills on State Route 3.]

Zenna Zane FAUDREE was born 06 Feb 1900 in Sweet Springs, Monroe County, WV to Stephen Ledford FAUDREE and his wife Elizabeth CARNEFIX FAUDREE. Zenna Zane was the 9th born of 10 children to the couple.

Frank and Zenna Zane had four children: Clyde V. [1926-2000]
Elmer [b. 1928]
and Zenna Zane [b. 1936]

Zenna Zane died in 1971 in Ohio, and Clyde followed her in 1980.

I remember this dear couple so well! When we visited with Zenna's sister, Veda, and my grandmother Mary, in Bumpass, Virginia. I can remember that Aunt Zenna had very sparse hair! [So did my Grandmother!]

In Oct 1967 I took a picture of the three sister's together, using my very first camera, a Brownie!
Left to right is my Grandmother Mary FAUDREE BEAN, in the center is my Aunt Veda FAUDREE CARTER and on the right is ZENNA ZANE FAUDREE BAKER.

Here's a cropped photo showing Uncle Clyde and Aunt Zenna Zane together. They were the absolute sweetest couple!

Zenna Zane and Clyde BAKER are buried here at Greenlawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Barberton, Summit County, Ohio.

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