Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sentimental Sunday - Where Angels Tread

Many moons ago, I lived in another country. With another husband. And while living there, after having had a single child, I gave birth to twins. A boy and a girl.
Those twins are now grown adults. Over the age of thirty. And occasionally they ask me what life was like while living in that far away place where they were born.

One of the many sights that individuals would come across while traveling the German countryside are these saint memorials. Here, a traveller can stop and light a candle to the saint.

Here is one such memorial that sat not far from the German farm house where we lived when the twins were born, in Freihung.

I am sorry, but I cannot tell you to which saint this marker is dedicated. I can tell you that it was weather worn, and no engravings were still discernible. Many of these memorials had small statues of the saints in the little niches carved into them. However, this one did not. Although, on rare occasion, you would find a lit candle gloing from the niche as we walked or drove by. A clear reminder that someone was praying for a specific reason.

I am sure these bring great comfort to the individuals who frequent them. Not being of the Cathoic denomination, I can't say that I truly understand. But I did find a great comfort that I was amongst those individuals who relied heavily upon prayer for their needs, while I lived there, so far away from my family and friends. And I can truly say, I never felt alone, simply knowing there were believers among us.

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