Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...Well, Almost!

Four of the children of John Monroe Bean Sr. and Ada Burdette Bean in 1993
Blanche Audrey Bean Harriff [12 Jun 1912-27 Jan 2002]
William McHarvey Bean [born 14 May 1917 and still going strong!]
Anna Margaret Bean Loper [born 27 Aug 1914 and still growing strong!]
Ada Eleanor Bean Ward [04 Aug 1921 - 14 May 2007]

Interesting to note: Bill and Eleanor married siblings, Lois and Don Ward, making them not only brother and sister, but in-laws as well! And their children "double-first-cousins"!

John Bean Sr. and Ada Burdette Bean had nine children together.

John Monroe Bean Sr. was married three times, outliving his first two wives, and fathered a total of fifteen children. My Dad was among the last three born, and these were to his third wife, Mary Elizabeth Faudree. [His first wife was Blanche Crosier, to whom he had 3 children.]

Of the fifteen children five remain living today.

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