Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - More From The Bean Cemetery

To date we have discussed three of the known burials in the Bean Family Cemetery, located nar Waiteville in Monroe County, West Virginia. They are: William Bean, his wife Rachel Wisman Bean, and their daughter Nancy Bean.

It is believed that William and Rachel's eldest child, Emily, is also buried in this cemetery, along with her spouse, Thomas J. LONG.

You will recall from our previous posts, that none of the orginal stones to the cemetery have any legible markings remaining, if, indeed, they ever did. So, with each post that I am doing on individuals believed to have been buried here, and the many stones that are here, the stone shown is only representative of the person, and not their exact tombstone.

Emily Bean was born in 1814 along Dropping Lick, near present day Zenith in Monroe County, West Virginia, near the base of Peter's Mountain, to William Bean and Rachel Wiseman, who had been married 20 November of the previous year.

Emily married Thomas J. LONG [1810-1888], also from Monroe County, on o Sep 1833 at the age of 19 years. Thomas was a farmer. And the couple went on to have eleven known children:
William B. [1834-1859...may have been buried here as well]
John Wesley    [1836-1864]
Jarrett Morgan    [1838-1926]
Mary    [1839-abt 1905]
Overton Bergis    [b. 1841]
Rachel    [1843-1924]
Archibald    [b. 1845]
Allen Madison    [1849-1935]
Thomas Washington    [1851-1938]
Elizabeth A.    [1853-1942]
Nancy Ann    [abt 1857 - 1938]

According family records, Emily died 15 Apr 1889 on Dropping Lick, and she and her husband Thomas were buried in the Bean Family Cemetery. There is not a report found in the Monroe County records regarding either her death, or that of Thomas. Her cause of death is unknown. She was about 75 years of age.

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