Monday, May 30, 2011

Amanuensis Monday... A 1903 Birth Is Registered

From Monroe County Birth Registry
Page 254/ Entry 1660

Surname BEANE
3rd Delivery

Born July 19, 1903

Father: American born in Ohio

Mother American born in Waiteville

Mother: Blanch U. BEANE
Maiden Name: Crosier
Residence: Keenan

Father: John W. Beane [sic]
Occupation: Merchant

Name & Address of Medical Attendant: T. L. Gilchrist, MD
Pickaway, WV

NOTE: This unanamed Female child is none other than V. Pauline Bean, the youngest daughter of Blanche U. CROSIER BEAN and John M. BEANE.

Blanche died shortly following the birth of this child from Tuberculosis.

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