Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Or rather, my "not So Wordless Wednesday" [I have never learned when to keep my mouth shut, or my keyboard still!]

This is one of my favorite photos of all those I have of my family.

The woman in the middle is my dear grandmother, Mary Faudree Bean. On either side of her are two of her sisters, and their husbands.

1968, Bumpass, Virginia
Clyde Baker [1895-1980]; Zenna Zane Faudree Baker [1900-1971]; Mary Faudree Bean [1897-1975]; Veda Faudree Carter [1903-1993]; Melvin Carter [1910-1990] with grandson "Dickie" Carter
Mary Faudree was the eighth born, of ten children to Stephen Faudree and Eliza Carnefix. She was born on 03 June 1897 in Monroe County, WV. She married John M. Bean, Sr. on 01 Dec. 1935. The couple had three sons: Walter [b. 1937]; Edsel [b. 1939]; and Roy [1943-1946].

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