Thursday, September 24, 2009

Following The Trail

I married a wonderful guy in 1998. At the time, we were both divorced, and had children. His were grown. Mine soon to be, were all teenagers.

My husband had come from a home much like the one he married into with me. His mother had seven children [I had 5], blended from three separate marriages [mine were all from the same previous marriage].

When my husband was an adolscent, his mother married Edwin Custer [1933-1974]. This wonderful man took on the responsibility of four children from previous marriages, and then the couple went on to have three of their own. My husband says he owes his attitude about taking on such a responsibility as he did with my family all from his step-father, Eddie.

For my husband's three youngest siblings, we have been trying to work on Eddie's family history. It's been really hard to do. His own parents were divorced when he was still a child. [I've had more luck with his mother's family than with his father's.]

Eddie was born in Dunlo, Cambria County, Pennsylvania. And I may have to actually make a trip there to get some of our questions answered. The family moved to FLorida when Eddie was a boy. But it's to his Pennsylvania roots that we are searching.

Eddie's father, William, states in the 1930 Census that his father was born in Belgium and his mother in France. So far, I've had no luck in locating the couple. But the search continues.

I don't want to give out all of my information here, for the sake of putting this all together for my in-laws!

But the project is moving along! And progress is slowly being made.

I can't wait until we can put it all together and give it to the family as a gift of our love to them all.

This is what keeps me going! Knowing I will make someone very happy. Knowing I can make a difference.

For everyone who is working on their own quest, keep on keeping on! You WILL make a difference for someone!


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