Monday, September 28, 2009

Madness Monday - September 28, 2009

Elizabeth Bonderant/Bondurant has become my problem child. And at times drives me literally "mad" from the ineffective efforts made to locate further information on her.

First of all, I haven't even been able to prove that Elizabeth's last name was indeed Bonderant or Bondurant. It is the name given me by many other's who have researched before. But no one can tell me where the name came from. They, too, are resting her name upon the laurels of other researchers.

However, it is believed that Elizabeth was the daughter of Joseph August Bondurant and Agnes Elizabeth Radford. Again, this information has just been passed from researcher to researcher without proof.

I do know for a fact that Joseph August Bondurant did exist, and his wife was indeed, Agnes Elizabeth Radford. Joseph was the son of Jean Bondurant, a Hugenot, who settled in the middle-Virginia colony. The couple did, indeed, have a daughter, Elizabeth. But did she in fact marry James Perkins in Washington County, Virginia?

If so, the marriage would have taken place about 1768-1770.

James did marry a woman named Elizabeth. But as to what her last name was? I am still at a loss.

James' will names his beloved wife, Elizabeth. And their children. And that is all that we are certain of.

Perhaps one day, the veil will part and I will at last be able to provide proof of Elizabeth's maiden name!!! Until then, I continue to go "mad" in search of the answers!

Elizabeth and James are my great-great-great grandparents and lived between 1741 and 1832.

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