Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tombstone Tuesday

This stone is located in the Bean Family Cemetery located on Potts Creek, near the tiny hamlet of Waiteville, in Monroe County, West Virginia.

You can clearly see the old "C" carved into the stone marking the beginning of the name. And there appears to be a curved letter at the end of the line that may be an "S".

We are positive of 8 individuals who are buried here. But recently when I visited the little cemetery in the woods, I located 10 stones. None of which appear to have any markings on them.

Or so we thought. Until the camera caught more than the naked eye! As you can see above, the letter "C" is definitely there!

The problem is that of the 8 known individuals buried here, none of them have a "C" beginning their name!

I've searched through local burial records and death records, trying to locate who this individual may have been. But I have been unable to find who this is, so far.

This tiny little cemetery has not had a burial since 1889.

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