Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - 9/23/09

This photo was taken Thanksgiving 1984. This is a photo of my mother, my sister and my neice.

The Three Velleda's.

From left to right:

Velleda "Eydie" Kaye Beane Dunbar

Velleda "VV" Maria Dunbar

Lois Velleda Dreher Beane

This is a photo that I treasure dearly. My sister and I were the only children in our family until I was 16 when my parents adopted two brothers. So, Eydie and I are especially close. Her daughter, VV, is just like one of my own! And isn't my Mom pretty?

Happy Wednesday all!

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kinfolknews said...

I enjoy seeing the family photos. Thanks for sharing.