Monday, June 18, 2018

Check Those Websites Often!

Every so often I go check one of my favorite websites, and type in a random family member's name and info, just to see if something new has come up. It's been a long while since I'd been "surfing" on FindAGrave, a web site that hold thousands of photos of tombstones and cemeteries.

This weekend I went surfing there again, after a couple of years of not being on it. (When you work full-time, you sometimes just don't have the time to go searching like you'd really desire to! Now with a disability, and home all the time, I have much more time to spend doing those things I love doing, namely, research and writing!)

It had been a while since I'd looked for more information on my husband's family. At the age of two his parents were divorced. He never knew his Dad, and by the time he and I went looking for him, it was too late. So we have worked, off and on for twenty years trying to reconstruct his family history. A couple of years back I located photographs of his Dad's tombstone. It's the closest thing to a photograph he has of his Dad, and we plan to make a trip to Mississippi one day to visit his Dad's grave. 

This weekend while "surfing" the site, I located his grandparents, great-grandparents, and even his great-great-grandparents graves. They are only over in Kentucky. We live in West Virginia, and may be able to actually go there soon to visit the graves. 

We've been twenty years accumulating this information. Knew the where, but had no photographs. So, we are thrilled with the information we found! Some even contained obituaries. What a find!

Sometimes, it pays to go back and recheck those sites you've already been to for new information. Especially sites that are frequently updated. You just never know what you may find!

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