Saturday, June 30, 2018

An Update On The Lost Colony

I just received this report, and it is totally fascinating! If you are like me, I have been totally enthralled with The Lost Colony since I was a child growing up just a short distance away in Norfolk, Virginia. The Lost Colony and Jamestown were two places I "cut my teeth on"!

What follows is a very interesting report. It is a bit lengthy, but well worth the read. I highly recommend it if you hold any interest. It not only covers past endeavors to discover what happened, but current results, including DNA. Well worth the read!

By Roberta Estes

The Lost Colony of Roanoke – what an enduring mystery – for 431 years it has remained unsolved and fascinated Americans and the British, alike.

An entire tourist industry has sprung up around the mystery of the Lost Colony along the Outer Banks in North Carolina. An open-air theater tells the story every summer on Roanoke Island near where Fort Raleigh was established. Tourists drift south to Hatteras Island across a long bridge that today connects Roanoke Island to Hatteras Island, the location where the colonists themselves indicated they were moving when they left the Fort Raleigh on Roanoke Island.

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