Thursday, September 21, 2017

Thursday Throwback

Yes, that's me playing the piano and my sister helping me sing Christmas carols. As I recall it was a great Christmas! Back when I could still sing, before the steroids robbed me of a singers voice.  (I still sing, just not so purty!)

Do you play any musical instruments? What do you play?

Anyone still play a recorder? (Do you remember learning to play one in school?) Or how about a kazoo? I recently heard a recording of a man playing a kazoo, and it sounded so good! Not at all what I was expecting?

But for today, let me introduce you to THIS very amazing kazoo player. (If this offends you, I am sorry, I just find it absolutely hilarious, so if you are sensitive to someone playing the kazoo in a rather unorthodox manner, then you may want to forego watching the following., and that's okay. I'll understand.)

And before you ask, yes I do play the kazoo. Just not as talented as this lovely lady! Ha ha!

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