Monday, September 11, 2017

Our Thoughts and Prayers Are With You

As I have so many wonderful co-workers who are in the thick of Hurricane Irma, I am unable to even begin to concentrate on genealogy at this time. (Rare occurrence I know!) My thoughts, and my prayers, can be no where except with these individuals who mean so much to me!

We've never met face to face, but we speak on the phone, and text daily.

Some, I have been able to reach, and they have evacuated and are in safe areas. Some made it north all the way to Ohio. But for the most part, they are in shelters in Florida, not leaving their posts until they absolutely had to, in dedication to caring for individuals who might need their calls. The seniors, and the disabled, who rely upon our insurance company sending in caring individuals when needed.

It is this latter group I have not been able to hear from. Calls, and texts, do not go through. But God hears our prayers, and I am trusting that He will keep them safe through this storm!

Until the storm is past, and my friends and colleagues are known safe, I will not be posting daily on this blog. Instead, any free moment will be spent in prayer, and in trying to reach them, to assure that they are all safe.

To Steve and Jim, wherever you are, be safe! May God keep you and yours in His caring hand, free from harm. To all of the CoCare Management office crew, I send the same message. God keep you and yours safe.

Let us know you are okay when you can!


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