Wednesday, September 13, 2017

All Are Safe!


All of my Florida co-workers are now accounted for, and every one is safe! Most are already back at work! They are the well oiled machine that keeps this part of our business going. The ones who find the individual seniors, and disabled, who need help. All from Florida, while I work in West Virginia!

I thank You, Lord, for their safety, and Your Divine Interventions that kept them safe, and lowered the force of the hurricane at the last moment!

So, now we can get back to business, that of helping people. And we can begin to get back to our normal routines here. (Including our passions, one of which is this genealogy blog!)

Let me encourage you, that if you aren't able to go to Florida and Texas to help in the flood relief that is being done, to give generously if you can. And if you can't give financially, please pray for the recovery of these areas that were so devastated. 

Anything that you can do is a blessing to those in need, your prayers especially.

Thank you to all of those Prayer Warriors who joined me over the weekend!

God Bless The USA!

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