Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Tombstone Tuesday - The Best Way

Have you ever visited a cemetery, and were so excited to get to see a tombstone of an ancestor, and hoped to get information from it, only to find the stone is no longer legible?

Unfortunately, this happens more often than not! We come prepared with out cemetery kits, ready to jot down the information, and take several photos. We even bring a bottle of water to hopefully wash away any grime that makes the photo unclear. And we still can't read it!

Well, along comes a method I just recently learned about.


I accidentally came across a post by a wonderful woman who blogs on Kinexxions  and her name is Becky Wiseman (Becky, if you're reading this, please contact me! The Wiseman's from my family had a lot of members who migrated to your home state!)

Becky shows a wonderful example of foiling here:
Photo by Becky Wiseman

Wow! was my first impression, and WOW! is still my impression of this wonderful method! By simply applying the aluminum foil to the front of the stone, and pressing it all over, you are able to get a duplicate of the stone. Leaving it on the stone, you can photograph it, and be able to read it exactly as if the stone was in new shape! While I haven't used foiling for this, I have in the past used it for other crafts, and so I am totally awed that Becky thought to use it for making tombstones more legible!

Hats off to Becky Wiseman and her awesome way to read tombstones no longer legible! (And I've been reading your blog. Great job with lots of helpful info! And thank you for your service to our great Country! For those who don't know, Becky is a US military veteran!)

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