Thursday, July 27, 2017

Those Places Thursday - The Little Schoolhouse

Those Places Thursday
The Little Schoolhouse

While this doesn't show the building's full view, I wanted to share this one with you.

This is now a community center in the little town of Waiteville, in Monroe County, West Virginia. It served as a school house for the community for many years. 

Inside, there is a central hall, with a back door directly behind the front at the end of that central hall.

To the right is a large classroom, that at one time had a folding wall that could separate it into two classrooms, but when opened could be used for assemblies. Behind that room are two restrooms, a janitor closet, and steps that lead down into a basement, where years ago the school cooks made lunch for the children. Today, the kitchen is located on the main floor, directly across the hall from the restrooms. And as you enter from the front, on the left are two large classrooms.

This is the school where my Dad attended. Photographs of him are in the hall as one of the schools attendees. There aren't many photographs, as the community was, and remains, quite small, and rural. Dad left school after the 8th grade, went into the Navy and and earned his GED. But the school taught children from 1st grade through 12th for many years.

I have a first cousin who attended school here through junior high, and then went across the mountain to Gap Mills for high school..

I have another first cousin, who attended school here in the lower grades before the school house finally closed its doors.

About 20-years ago, the community purchased the building and lovingly restored it as a community center. Since our family is originally from this area, we rented the building for our family reunions, which are held every two years.

So, the building holds a place dear in our hearts, as I'm sure it does to all who attended school there.

Is there a building in your the community, thought of as your family's community, that holds fond memories? Please feel free to share with us here! We'd love to hear from you!

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