Thursday, July 6, 2017

Those Places Thursday - Scenes of Home

Tiger Lillies are in bloom, and several people have had them in their homes. Love the scent!

I travel down some dirt roads and lanes to get to some of my clients.
(You will recall that from yesterday's post!)
Most are quite beautiful, as this one. Serene fields on either side. Flowering bushes and berries growing along the fence lines.

Hay cutting is going on locally. One of my clients had spent the morning baling these big, round bales of hay for his daughter's cows. Nothing is lovelier to a farmer than a field of hay to feed the livestock!
Of course, nothing can be worse on the allergies either!

I go by some very large estates. Here, if you look closely, you see the gates are open to this one. But look, there, ust beyond the gates, at the horizon. Have you ever seen anything more lovely than the mountains in the distance?
And from here, I am sitting on top of a mountain!

For you country western fans, take a look at this photo. This was taken just south of downtown Oak Hill, West Virginia. See the large green road sign?  Now take a look at the smaller one below it.

Hank William, Sr. Memorial Road
It was here the immortal singer died, on January 1, 1953.

It's the little things that make this home so special to me. Being a country girl makes it "almost heaven"!

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