Monday, October 1, 2012

Monday Mentionables - 9/23 - 9/24/2012

There have been many wonderful blog posts this past week. Here are but a few that have been extraordinaire:

The World is Black and White
The In-Depth Genealogist and reflections on B&W family photographs.

My top ten, can’t miss, websites
Genealogy’s Star shares their favorites.

‘Lost Village’ of Studmarsh Unearthed by Archealogists
GeneaNet links us to this fascinating news.

Castrated Men Outlive Other Guys
Topix brings us the link to this story. [Proceed if you dare!]

The Learning Channel May Pick Up “Who Do You Think You Are?”
Genealogy Blog brings us a teaser.

The Joy of Facebook
The In-Depth Genealogist tells us why FB can be a good thing!

Courthouse Research Tips From the Virtual Genealogy Conference
Genealogy Insider brings us these great tips!

Archaeologists Dig Up Wrong Body: Mona Lisa Skeleton Still Not Found
GeneaNet links us to this story.

150-Year Old Bible Returns to Family After 140 Years
Genealogy Blog brings us this touching story.

Harriet Tubman Descendants Gather for Forthcoming Centennial of Her Death
The Baltimore Sun brings us this story.

Genealogy does not have to be expensive
Examiner brings us this story, with great tips for the new researcher.

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