Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sentimental Sunday - My Best Friend

Lynda - 2010

I met Lynda in the fall of 1979. Our husband's were stationed together at the American Army post in Herzogenaurach, Germany. We both had little boys. Her son was 2 years older than mine.

From the first moment we met, it was as if our hearts became sisters. I have been heard saying more than once that Lynda is my "sister from another mister".

We've been through alot through the years. Joy over the birth of a baby. Tears over the loss of one. Heartache, anger and even grief over an unfaithful spouse, and the ultimate divorce[s].

In 1981 we were separated by space as my husband got orders to go somewhere else. We have seen each other twice since then.

Durng the absences, we both went to nursing school at the same time. She continues to be a nurse today, though her health, much as mine, has been precarious at times.

And still, as time marches on, and we are now both grandmothers, Lynda is still the first person I run to when there's a worry or a fear. She's still the first one I tell my secrets to. We continue to share heartaches, laughter, and tears. We both try to lift the other up.

There is a love between us that cannot be explained.

And so, today, I honor this treasured person in my life. She is a part of me. A big part of my heart, and of my soul.

My best friend. Sister of my heart.

I love ya girl!

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