Saturday, October 22, 2011

SNGF - CBH Has Logged Off

In response to both GeneaBloggers contest for the ObitKit, and Randy Seavers' Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge I bring forth my own obituary and humbly submit it for review [aw heck! I'm dead!!!]

Logging on in the small town of New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana to processors Walter Beane and Lois Dreher Beane, Cyndi began life with no memory at all. After all, there being no memory prior to logging on for the very first time!

At the age of two, the processors added another drive to their system and named it Eydie.

Separating her drive from the processors in 1975, Cyndi joined up with another drive, Andy, and they wrote five new programs: Chris, David, Debbie, Mike and Crystal. In 1990 after much hard drive abuse Andy disconnected with Cyndi and the little programs they had written together.

But the gods of storage were not finished with Cyndi yet! In 1998 she added another drive to the system when she joined with Johnnie, and from there many, many memory banks have been added to their joint drive. All containing years of joyful love and happiness.

Cyndi's greatest passion was adding information into her genealogy program and researching for more. She always said the story would never be complete.

This morning however, with a failing hardrive, but full memory, Cyndi logged off and went to the big program writer on high. She leaves behind generations of programs that she helped to write through influence, and love.

A memorial service will held to honor Cyndi this afternoon, after which the system will be rebooted  and Cyndi will be re-incarnated into a lighter, trimmer, shorter model.

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Joan said...

Cute. I very much liked the reincarnation into a lighter, trimmer, shorter model.