Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sentimental Sunday

Lorene Banet Lee [1909 - 2005] on left and Irene Banet Dreher [1906 - 1989] on right.
The sisters were the daughters of Francis [aka Frank] Isidore Banet [1863-1945] and Adeline Josephine Eve [1867-1958]. They were born in Floyd County, Indiana.

Lorene married Otis Lee Sr. [1908-1986] and had five children: Emma Jean, Otis Jr., Ruth, Norman and Suzanne.

Irene married Henry Dreher Jr. [1902 - 1977] and had five children: Ethel, Arthur, Laura Marion, Billy and Lois.

Lorene is buried at the Edwardsville Cemetery in Georgetown, Floyd County, Indiana.

Irene is buried at Wolfe Cemetery, Georgetown, Floyd County, Indiana.

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