Saturday, October 22, 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History - Week #43 Worst School Subject

Week #43 – Worst School Subject
Week 43. Worst School Subject. What was your worst or least favorite subject in school and why?

My worst subject, in all my school daze, was chemistry. I simply could not remember even the basics! The Periodic Table remains a great mystery to me to this very day!

I once tried to make a volcano that erupted for class display. I watched as three other students did the very same project, with huge success! When it came time for me to show what I had done... well, let's just say over half the class went home with a little more on them than the clothes they left for school with that morning! [A horrible sticky, purplish goo that was stubborn and didn't come off easily!]

I was so bad at this that after I became an adult with a home of my own... I even exploded my own bathroom toilet!

"How?", you ask.

Answer: Very simple really. Simply stand back and pour into the toilet bowl about a gallon of bleach, a can full of Ajax, and then a little degreaser for good measure. Like I said stand back!


[I had to call the fire department out at 10 o'clock in the evening to come shut off the water main! My neighbors, all attached to the same line, were not impressed. Neither was my landlord!]

On a different note... when cooking and baking, chemistry is most definitely involved! But then again, I've baked bread that came out like crackers, and donuts that were harder than the crackers!

Nope, I definitely failed in the chemistry department. And even forty years later... I still make my boo-boo's! [Honey.... better not put the lid down on the toilet! I've been cleaning again!]

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