Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - Virginia Kessinger Norman

Virginia M.
Wife of
Chas. P. Norman
[the rest of stone is illegible].

Virginia M. KESSINGER was born 20 Mar 1865 in Gilmer County, West Virginia to Wilson KESINGER and Sarah BEAN.
Virginia married Charles P. NORMAN [b. 1858] on 20 Nov 1879 in Gilmer County, at the age of just 14. One year later, on 13 Nov 1880 she had a son, Wirt. P. NORMAN.
The tombstone above shows her date of death as "Jun", which is as far as is legible. We would presume this means she died in June. And Fannie Beane in "William Beane and His Family of Monroe County, West Virginia" lists her date of death as 03 Jun 1881. However, death records, both the original handwritten, and a typed index, in the county, show her date of death as 15 Apr 1883. It also shows her name as "Lina" [most likely a nickname].

Virginia is buried on the old Kessinger family farm located in Gilmer County, WV.

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