Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sentimental Sunday... Grandma's Madonna

Grandma's Madonna

My Grandma Bean gave me this picture many, many years ago. It's been tucked away in a desk drawer, even folded once and put into a book!

A couple of years ago, I saw a reproduction of this painting on canvas. It gave me the brilliant idea to mount the picture on canvas, and do [oh! gasp!] the unthinkable. I decoupaged the picture to canvas, in hopes it would last, at least through my lifetime!

Grandma was a Methodist, and so the how, or why, she had a paper printing of the Madonna is beyond me. It wasn't a sentimental picture to her, it simply was a pretty picture depicting the mother of Jesus, and she thought I would enjoy having it.

This picture now hangs in my bedroom, where I have started a small collection of Madonna and Madonna and Child pictures. I enjoy the thought of a loving Mother looking over us. And although I am not Catholic, I find the Madonna comforting. Much like the writer in "Beneath The Tuscan Sun", I think of her not as "Mother Mary", but as perhaps, my favorite aunt. So I have an "Aunt Mary" who watches comfortingly over me as I sleep!

Do you have any family treasures that are kept in your bedroom as they bring you comfort or comforting thoughts while you sleep?

What are they?

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