Friday, August 19, 2011

Family Recipe Friday - Granny's Creamed Peas

Granny's Creamed Peas

 Granny, born Irene Caroline Banet, was a second generation American. Her father's parents had been born in France. And it was this French country cooking she grew up on. Then she married my Grandfather, who was also a second generation American. However, his heritage was German!

Combine these two distinct forms of cooking and eating, and you have fine cuisine that is often smothered in rich, creamy sauces and gravies!

One of my favorite dishes was Granny's fresh creamed peas. I've tried to make them without using the high fat content which she used, but it simply isn't the same! So, on occasion, I simply have to make creamed peas, just to remind myself what a great food heritage I come from!


Granny's Creamed Peas
serves 6

1 - quart fresh peas, blanched
2- cups heavy cream
2 - tablespoons cornstarch
salt & pepper to taste

After peas have been blanched, allow to cool completely before proceeding with directions.

Then, place peas in a medium-sized heavy sauce pan. Add 1-1/2 cups of the cream. Heat thoroughly over medium-low heat [heat slowly so that the cream does not burn].

Meanwhile, in a small bowl mix the remainder of the cream [1/2 cup] and the cornstarch, until well combined and smooth in consistency. When peas are heatd completely, pour the cream and cornstarch mixture over all and mix well. Heat until it reaches the consistency you want. [Granny's creamed peas were always very thick!]

Add salt and pepper as desired.

Granny always served this as a side dish, but I have to tell you.... I have made this the main course of my meal many times, by utilizing the peas for my protein source, and pouring the entire mixture over toast or biscuits! Yum!

I've tried making this with just whole milk, or evaporated milk, and the taste is simply not the same. There are some dishes you simply cannot cut the fat and get to taste the same!

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