Monday, April 18, 2011

Amanuensis Monday - A Slave's Death

This is a Death Registry for Monroe County, [West] Virginia.

The year is 1858 and this is page 14 and our subject of interest is found on line 11.

Our subject's name is listed simply as William.

Following the line across, we find that he is listed as S for slave.His "owner" is listed as William Bean.

He is listed as a M  [for Male] and the date of death is April 25th. The death occurred on Potts Creek. The cause of death is listed as bil fever [short for biliary fever, more commonly known as "yellow fever"].

His age is listed as 25 10 5 [25 years, 10 months and 5 days old].

His parents are listed as "Not Given". He was born in Monroe County, and his occupation is listed as Slave.

His death was reported to the County Clerk by William Bean, whose relationship to the deceased is listed as Master.

Family lore is that all slaves who died are buried on the perimeter of the family burial grounds, on Potts Creek in Monroe County.


Joan said...

Stark, but oddly serene. Such specific information, as to years, month and days, seems like family.

Mavis said...

This is a wonderful find.