Monday, April 25, 2011

Amanuensis Monday - Joseph P. McCormick Death Record

This rather odd looking death record, at first glance, looks more like an odd cash register receipt than a death record!

But this was the first death record that we found regarding Joseph P. McCormick [aka: McCormack].

The record reads as follows:
State of West Virginia
County of Monroe
Sweet Sprs. District
Return of Death to County Clerk.
Physician, Undertaker, Coroner, etc. to re-
turn this Certificate within 90 days to clerk of
County Court. Penalty for non-compliance $10.
Jos. P. McCormick
White    Male
Date of Death - Mch 19 1915
Place of Death - Waiteville
Name of Disease or Cause of Death - Brights Disease
Age - 72 years
Occupation - Farmer
Name of Person Giving Information - CC Ballard

Joseph P. McCormick [aka: McCormack] was born 20 Jun 1845 in Monroe County, [W] VA. His parents have not been determined at this time.

On 08 Jan 1867, he married Martha Caroline Bean [1836-1893], the daughter of William and Rachel [Wiseman] Bean; also born in Monroe County.
The couple had four children:
Leonidas Wellington [Bud] [1867-1944]
Lucy Nannie Florence [d. 1932]
Annie [1872-1934]
Joseph P. [b. 1870]

After Martha Caroline's death in 1893, Joseph went on to marry Roena A. Porterfield in 1896, who was the widow of William Ballard Preston Bean [nephew of Martha Caroline]. Roena was born 1865 and died 1956.
Roena and Joseph went on to have five children:
Arbana Elizabeth [1897-1976]
Noah March
Edwin Powell [1902-1905]
Mary Perilee [b. 1905]
James P. [1909-1910]

Joseph was a farmer in Waiteville, Monroe County.

Upon his death in 1915, Joseph was layed to rest beside his first wife, Martha Caroline, at the southeast corner of the New Zion Union Church in Waiteville. They share a single obelisk headstone.

Upon her death, in 1956, Roena was placed beside her first husband, William B.P. Bean, just a few feet away from Joseph and Martha Caroline.

[Roena had married twice more after the death of Joseph. Samuel Lewis Bruffy in 1917. And last, Calvin Aliff in 1933. There were no issue from these marriages.]

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