Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - Sir Walter Raleigh

The following information was taken from FindAGrave:

Sir Walter Raleigh
Birth: 1552
Death: Oct. 29, 1618

Poet, Adventurer, Explorer. Colonizer of Roanake island in America. Credited with introducing potatoes and tobacco to England. Put down an Irish rebellion in Ulster in 1580. Became Governor of Jersey. In 1596 he sacked Cadiz. Explored Trinidad and sailed up the Orinoco in search of a gold mine. Wrote flattering poetry to Elizabeth I to secure his release from the tower of London. He was later re-arrested and beheaded in the Old Palace yard. His wife Bess took the head home in a leather bag, (as was the custom of the day). She had it embalmed and she kept it in a cupboard to show her husband's admirers. His severed head is believed to have been buried in his sons (Carew) grave in Saint Margarets. His body is buried in Saint Margaret's in the Chancel of the church, abutting Westminster, south of the altar. Raleigh, North Carolina is named for him.

Sir Walter Raleigh
1552 - 1618
St. Margaret Churchyard
Westminster, Greater London, England

Sir Walter Raleigh crypt

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