Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sentimental Sunday... More Time In Europe

In 1980 I visited Paris. Here's a shot from the base of the Eifel Tower.
On this particular day, they weren't allowing "patrons" to climb. Mwah - mwah!

For $5 I got a dessert sized bowl full of browned hamburger meat when I asked for a hamburger at a cafe! [McDonald's had not yet arrived!] And french fries are not french! [LOL]

Later I found out that pizza, while invented by Italians, was considered a non-Italian dish, highly over rated by Americans! And that no place on earth has better spaghetti Italiano than in DaSilvana in Arcanazzo. It was simply fabulous!

I also found out that many cafes and bars still had what Americans refer to as "squatters".
I also found some in Italy as well as Spain. Although I am told that now, in 2011, most have been replaced with a more modern convenience.

Uhm, yeah... folks this was the bathroom in a cafe in Paris. No dilineation of restroom facilities for men and women. Both used the same convenience. Needless to say, if nature hadn't been calling so badly I would have held it till I returned to the hotel we were staying in! And yes... this was probably the most sanitary of these conviences I saw while in Europe. The rest were... let's just say not so nice!

More photos to come!

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