Saturday, January 15, 2011

52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History - Week #3

This is a blogging prompt for promoting a personal memory journal for our genealogical portfolios as prompted at:

Week 3: Cars. What was your first car? Describe the make, model and color, but also any memories you have of the vehicle. You can also expand on this topic and describe the car(s) your parents drove and any childhood memories attached to it.

My first car was a 1965 Plymouth Satellite, two-door coupe. It had an automatic transmission, with a shifter in the middle console.

The car was a medium brown with a black top. The interior was chocolate and beige. And she was a beauty!!!

I was 16 years old, and she was a gift from my parents on my wedding.

Yeah... I was a child bride. And I think Mama and Daddy gave me the car to encourage me not to quit high school [which I didn't... I even graduated ahead of my class by 6 months!].

While the marriage was a mistake... the car sure was fun! The next year my ex-husband traded it off [big mistake... and a sore spot between us!].

I always remember the little Plymouth though. She was the car I learned to drive in, and found my first taste of independence in.

Somewhere I have a snapshot of the car but it's probably in storage somewhere.

Loved this prompt !!!


Amy Coffin, MLIS said...

Glad you enjoyed this week's prompt.. I am really enjoying reading about everyone's first cars.

Anonymous said...

What a cool gift for a 16 year old. You must have been beside yourself with excitement! Jo