Thursday, June 10, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday

The above document is a marriage bond between Thomas Branch and William Clements of Amelia County Virginia, dated 15 Jul 1836.

Clements was long thought to have died about 1830 in Tennessee. And his daughter Nancy has often been remarked upon to have wed a Hickman L. Harvey. Although no proof has ever been turned up to provide definition for eith of these claims.

However, tucked away among William Clements Revolutionary War records, I did find the above Marriage Bond. This does provide us with proof that William lived beyond 1830 [at least until Jul 1836!], and was at that time still in Amelia County, Virginia.

It also shows Nancy marrying Thomas Branch rather than Harvey!

At long last, one brick wall may be hurdled!!!

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Kathy said...

Wow! Great document to find! And breaking down a brick wall to boot. Lucky you.