Friday, June 25, 2010

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Today I'd like to introduce you to Old Stones Undeciphered.

Have you ever been somewhere and felt right home? Met a person and felt instant kinship?

That's how I felt when I visited Old Stones Undeciphered. The author of this site, Lisa Wallen Logsdon has this to say regarding herself: "I am a part of each and every one of my ancestors back to the beginning of time. I have a unique DNA. Only God can truly know me."

Lisa Wallen Logsdon

I was instantly intrigued and felt right at home reading Lisa's posts. A kindred spirit! Her love for her family is such a genuine feeling in her posts. And her love of her ancestry and ancestors is equally felt. So often we read the technical posts by other researchers, and the "heart" just isn't it. But Lisa's is truly felt in her every word.

Each time I visit, I am touched in some new way. Sometimes gently. Sometimes overwhelmingly. Always with a reverent love of family.

If you're longing for a feeling of genuine ancestral power, just visit Old Stones Undeciphered..

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Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

Oh My! Thank you so much for the wonderful compliment! I was just scrolling through today's posts and saw MY FACE..yeeps..on my screen when I wasn't expecting it! LOL! I am SO honored, thanks!