Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday

Earl E. (Don)                      Rossie M. Wickline

May 28, 1893                    April 13, 1894
Sept. 27, 1976                    Jan. 20, 1974

Carmel Cemetery, Gap Mills, Monroe, WV

Earl Edwin "Don" Crosier was born in Monroe County [his birth record states he was born 24 May 1893] to Randolph Crosier and Annie Rebecca Smith Crosier. He was one of at least 5 children born to the couple.

Rossie M. Wickline was born in Centennial, Monroe, WV to Monroe Jackson Wickline and Lorenda Workman Wickline. I am not sure if there were other children born to this couple or not at this time.

Don and Rossie were the parents of three daughters: Alma, Gaynelle and Jean Marie [1928-1929].

While there is a very [very] distant tie to me as far as a genealogical tree is concerned [something like 5th cousin 2x removed, or whatever that means!], there is a much stronger tie. You see, when I first moved to West Virginia as a teenager, Don Crosier became my surrogate Grandfather. As a matter fact, when we talk about him today within our family it is always as "PawPaw Crosier".

There is a bond of love there that time does not take away. And there are times when I miss that dear old man so, his love, his warmth, and his counsel!

No, family does NOT always mean that someone falls within our family tree. But that they are bound to us in ways that no familial tie can ever understand.

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